The Company

Vsensory, our company, was founded by the end of 2015, focusing on Visual Reality (VR) content development. The core team members, who are all senior developers with 7-year+ experience, are from Konami、Gameloft、Ubisoft、Tencent Games, and other famous Internet / animation / filming companies.
The team are dedicated to make premium VR content for the international market. Through the development, the team are now with great creativity, efficiency, and cohesion.

The Glory

Black Shield, our product, has achieved great success on HTC VIVE developers meeting held in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Also, the game received applause from HTC. Our booth was full of people waiting for playing the game.

Black Shield was highlighted at the 1st position on the front page of Unreal Engine 4’s launcher.

The best yearly VR game of CGWR held by Sina Games.

Black Shield achieved The Best Vive Product as well as a number of nominations in HTC Vive VR Content Competition.

Top award of AR/VR Smart Hardware in Demo China, held by

The Future

Black Shield will become a star product with powerful intellectual properties. And the story will be published by episode, ensured to bring the best VR experience to players.
While developing stories, the PVP and PVE for multiple players are on the way.

The Environment

There are comfortable and well-designed working environment, top welfare in the industry, ensuring both productivities and creativities.